Nurses' Clinic

dog with a leg bandage

Do you struggle giving medications to your pet?

Our fully qualified veterinary nurses can help you with all routine pet care including tablet administration, flea treatment and nail clipping. We will advise you on what vaccine and anti-parasitic medications your pet needs to keep them protected. The veterinary nurses ensure your pet's tail will be wagging again with dedicated post-operative care including removal of staples and sutures, bandaging and wound care. If your pet has weight issues we will give you feeding advice and recommend foods. Blood pressure checks and blood sample collections are also made at the nurses' clinic.

rabbit being carried by a veterinary nurse

Rearguard™ for Rabbits

Fly-strike can be fatal so make sure you bunny is protected. Fight fly-strike with a Reargard™ treatment, which can be applied at the nurses' clinic.


You'd be lost without your dog and your dog would be lost without you. Give yourselves the best chance of being reunited. A microchip is very small and placed just under the skin so it is easily detected. The chip contains a unique code read by an electronic reader, the code links to your details. A microchip is required for pets holidaying overseas as part of the Pet Travel Scheme.

happy dog
dog with a veterinary nurse

Pet Physiotherapy

For putting the bounce back into your pet's step, we offer a basic physiotherapy service. This service will be helpful to pets following surgery, especially those that have had limb or spinal operations. In more complex cases we work in cooperation with a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist. 

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